Suggestions on AMD Ryzen CPUs?

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Hi there


I started using unRAID on my HP MicroServer Gen8 I picked up many years ago new on sale for 499$. It was the higher spec'd Xeon E1220L version but it is old by today's standard rocking two hyperthreaded 2.6 GHz Ivy-Bridge cores.


I have home assistant, Pi-hole, an Nginx, DNS-Services and a Windows Server 2016 VM and here it is coming to a limit. I thought 8 cores might be just the right amount for my use cases (for like 3-4 VMs to play around, a dozen docker apps, some scripts for home automation, pfsense, unbound and LDAP services, light web hosting for internal webapps, elastic-search, you get the idea) as it would run this setup easily and have quite a bit of room to spare. I know the Gen10 Plus MicroServer is a quad-core but I don't like the external power brick and also I want something that I can tinker with later.


And also I will change my ISP in April and will get 25 GBit/s so maybe good to get ready for PCIe 4.0 now :)


So I thought I take my unused parts and the disks out of my MicroServer and build a rig like this:

  • Motherboard AsRock X570D4U-2L2T seems decent and has some IPMI features and it also has two 10gig-NICs with Intel chips, thumbs up!
  • Case Silverstone SST-ML04B Milo that should fit nicely above the MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS
  • 64 GB ECC unbuffered RAM
  • 2x M.2 SSD as Cache drives
  • Existing 3x4TB drives for array and parity
  • Existing 750W PSU should be enough


Now my question is, should I go for the Ryzen 7


PRO 4750G,



something completely different?


To me it seems they're extremely close to each other in terms of price and clock speed, the Gs feature onboard video which I don't really need I suppose and as far as I understand it won't work with ECC memory right? But maybe someone can tell me something about PCIe 4.0 compatibility? The shop I looked at stated that only the 3800X and the 5800X are PCIe 4.0 compatible while the 4750G and 5700G ain't? But that seems very odd to me.


I'm very grateful for any suggestions or ideas.

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Forget G models, pass-through does not work. AFAIK no-one succeeded (people can't install drivers under VM). So it is waste of cache. Unless 8C G version is FAR cheaper.
I recommend for this MOBO:
- CPU cooler compatibility!!! DOUBLE CHECK. I have Noctua NH-L12S because it fitted. In case of doubt, just buy this version!
- disable global C state, disable aggressive SATA (in two places, one for CPU, one for chipset), disable CPPC

- double check ram slots you populate
- rather upgrade BIOS if you have <1.20.
- there are NO USB 2.0 slots at all on these mobos, buy 2.0 pendrive then. Never use 3.0 pen in 3.0 slot (it will fail, matter of days, weeks MAYBE months, but it will fail)

- check if second M.2 disables any SATA ports

I have X570D4U and failed to pay extra cash for X570D4U-2L2T. Now it is 2x more expensive :( I have Mellanox3, but it took precious PCIe slot.
I have 4650G (bought for a good price). Aiming for 5800X3D in case it ever appears.
Answering your question:
take 5800X or 5700G only if it is cheaper.

Look there, I have almost identical build, and this guy is PRO CLASS:


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Thanks CobraPL I went for another case that was significantly cheaper (Silverstone SG11) that had a tad more cooling space as well. I found a NH-L9x65 SE quite cheap because it was an open box return. I replaced the Fan with a NF-A9 which is already quite a bit better, maybe I should still consider 12mm... I'll see how the Temps go.


I have it all set up already and TVHeadend works. I had to fiddle in the si2165 firmware manually (I do it by running a user script at Array Start that copies it from


Many thanks for the BIOS tips, could you tell me what CPPC stands for? I'll check all those settings the next time I reboot the machine.

And I'll have a look if I find a good USB stick, I picked up a Sandisk Ultra-Fit because it don't like sticks hanging out. I really admit now how useful it was that HP put a real USB on the Motherboard. Maybe I'll buy one of those Pin-Adapters but as the board doesn't even feature onboard USB 2.0 headers I might need an internal hub, those are very rare unfortunately I once paid 50$ for one. Thanks for letting me know about the USB 3.0 stick failing.


I'll still install a Mellanox 4-LX card to have a full 25 GBit/s link to connect to MikroTik with 10GBit/s fallback. To me it seems the Intel X550 is vastly superior to the Aquantia Card I had in my MicroServer.


Actually I went for 5800X it was only a few francs (325 vs 377) more expensive than the 3800X and I thought why not spend a little bit more for a bit more recent chip that tends to be either a tad faster or a tad more efficient.


Concerning SATA-disabling: It is funny how the BIOS stops detecting some drives but in UnRAID I can use everything. But I am only using NVMe-sticks no SATA-M.2-SSDs.


But other than that great Server I have here: Windows Server 2012 R2 boots inside a VM in like 3 Seconds and logging on takes not longer than a blink of an eye. It takes anything I throw at it.

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