Weird Container in AutoUpdate list

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I was going through my autoupdate list & noticed a weird container listed, called 'nostalgic_pike':


I've no idea what it was for, seems to not actually be there/installed anymore but I can't find a way to remove it. Never heard of the name before, can't find even a repo with that name. Previously installed apps don't show anything either... Anyone seen this before or know where to look to remove it?


Edit: Forgot to say, too, that nothing shows in Cleanup Appdata either.

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That's a container that the docker system itself named when you did an manual docker run / create command from the command prompt and didn't give it a name.  Various random names will be generated in that situation but you'll never see one named boring_wozniak ;) 


As far as the actual problem (showing there and not in the docker tab), the plugin reports what dockerMan tells it is present.  I'll re-investigate

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