HBA is recognized by BIOS but isn't showing drives attached

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I’ll try this when I get home tonight or tomorrow from work. TheArtofServer responded to me on eBay with the following:

“Most SAS-3 HDDs should work with SAS-2 controllers. The only exception I know of are some Seagate SAS-3 drives with buggy firmware that won't negotiate to lower protocols. I avoid Seagate for many reasons, this being one of them.

The problem of not being able to get into the LSI ROM program with Ctrl-C might be caused by the system booting UEFI mode instead of BIOS mode. If you are in UEFI mode, your UEFI system menu should have a HII section that allows you to see the LSI card (as I also have the UEFI ROM loaded on these cards). If you don't have a HII, then you might need to try to set the motherboard in BIOS mode, at least for testing purposes.”

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Hey all, thanks for the guidance so far. Here's where I'm at: 


In my motherboard settings, went into advanced, then went down to Legacy Bios and disabled it for the time being to troubleshoot. Ii was previously enabled. I also in Boot, Boot Configuration under Boot Logo Display it reads "Full Screen" and right below it says Post Delay Time as 5 seconds.Also, CSM (Compatibility Support Module Configuration) is still greyed out and defaults to Disabled under Launch CSM though I can't change it or select anything. Additionally, in the motherboard BOOT settings under Option ROM Messages I made sure Force BIOS was selected. Finally, in looking at the motherboard BIOS settings, I'm on the latest BIOS, 1203 with a build date of 10/27/2021. At this point, I'm stumped. Still unable to get into HBA BIOS either. Tempted to change out the motherboard for an Asus Z590, though don't know what that would accomplish. Still partially convinced that the seller of the hard drive, by chance the drive got damaged in shipping and I should just return it and get another one and try that one out.

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I didn't notice before you're using an Intel 500 Series board, these won't allow CSM boot using the iGPU:

Right, forgot I’d come across that article. So here it shows directions on how to do so via Windows. Is there a way via Unraid or am I better off buying a cheap graphics card?

Would that for whatever reason allow me to figure out why my 10tb isn’t working (showing in HBA) or is that a separate issue?

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15 minutes ago, jrd680 said:

Is there a way via Unraid

Not that I know of.


15 minutes ago, jrd680 said:

Would that for whatever reason allow me to figure out why my 10tb isn’t working (showing in HBA) or is that a separate issue?

It might help in the sense that if the disk isn't detected in the HBA BIOS the problem has nothing to do with Unraid, don't you have an older PC you could use just to test that? You don't even need to boot Unraid, just install the HBA and check if the disk is detected in the BIOS.

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