Trying to mount NTFS drive, but contents don't seem correct

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I'm trying to mount a drive from a Windows 7 system that died so I can recover some files.  I followed each step in the wiki and something indeed was mounted to /mnt/old_data, but the contents are not all correct.  After installing the drive it was assigned slot "sdc" so I used the following command:


mount -r -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 /mnt/old_data -o umask=111,dmask=000 -v


My problem is that the contents that show up are:


root@Tower1:~# cd /mnt/old_data
root@Tower1:/mnt/old_data# dir
BOOTSECT.BAK  Boot/  System\ Volume\ Information/  bootmgr
root@Tower1:/mnt/old_data# cd /mnt/old_data/Boot
root@Tower1:/mnt/old_data/Boot# dir
BCD      BCD.LOG1  BOOTSTAT.DAT  cs-CZ/  de-DE/  en-US/  fi-FI/  hu-HU/  ja-JP/  memtest.exe  nl-NL/  pt-BR/  ru-RU/  tr-TR/  zh-HK/
BCD.LOG  BCD.LOG2  Fonts/        da-DK/  el-GR/  es-ES/  fr-FR/  it-IT/  ko-KR/  nb-NO/       pl-PL/  pt-PT/  sv-SE/  zh-CN/  zh-TW/


Anybody have any idea what's up?  I see some Windows stuff, but I never had memtest on there.  That looks unRaid related.  Maybe the drive got trashed when the computer died?  It just doesn't seem right.  Liek the wiki instructed I never assigned the drive to my array.  I only stopped the array so I could see the drop down box on the Devices screen to see which slot it was assigned and then I restarted the array.


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