Few general questions and some X570/AsrockRack/4650G ones before I buy unRAID

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Guys, I am back to try unRAID as backup server for various people over WAN. I also plan to have my VN for busness stuff (e-mail etc. as RDP over Wireguard) Some questions/issues:

1. UEFI or MBR? In case I ever want to pass-through GPU I think I saw that UEFI is a must. In case I ever want to move to new hardware, I may be forced to use UEFI in X years. Is there any easy switch from MBR made unRAID stick to UEFI one?
Now I have MBR unRAID unable to boot to UEFI, but it is not too late for change.

2. I think everyone failed trying to pass-though 4xxxG/5xxxG iGPU. I saw some threads, everyone seem to lost the battle. Should I give up? I have 4650G.
3. I had resets w/o trace in log during unRAID trial work (once per ~1day, in the night, during HDD read or write tests). After that I did following:
a) disabled global C-state something

b) disabled CPPC

c) disabled aggressive something for SATA

Now I'll check for resets again. Any other Ryzen recommendations?
RAM is ECC, tested/OK.
4. Any general unRAID recommendations before I fresh start? Recommended SAFE apps?
5. What are recommended VM settings for:
a) W10P

b) Server 2022 Standard (one looks like 10, not one looking like W11/next)
And which is better for RDP daily work? Money aside.

6. Any help for setting following options in my AsrockRack?



7. I plan to RDP to VM, but OFC over VPN, Wireguard probably. I could handle Wireguard via Mikrotik router or via unRAID (preferrably).
BUT! If I set br0 how can I put RDP behind unRAID's Wireguard?
8. i440fx or Q35? Should I always select latest version?
9. Both for Virtualbox and Vmware I could do following steps:
a) delete temp files inside VM (under Windows)

(optionally defrag inside Windows to compact all files to beginning of the disk)
b) "sdelete -z" to fill empty space with zeores
c) compact image file
How to do c) point in unRAID? Is image file sparse?
How to copy image file to remote destination every X days?

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