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I just bought all hardware to go for Unraid on my new server (used OMV for years) and I was 100% sure to use it. Just started the trial yesterday and found out that the right management at shares is not usable for me.


Pros Unraid:
- Updates (always problems with major versions at OMV)
- writing cache
- easy VMs & Containers
- better parity than Snapraid
- assign Shares to certain drives


Cons Unraid:
- shares right management
- rsync server for off site backup to OMV (personal preference; will find another way)


Sadly the right management for shares completely kills it for me - did not think about that one before. Here is an example why it is not possible for me:


Path: Backup/Systems/Raspberry


For this to work I would need to have an user "raspberry" (or whatever) with access to the whole folder "Backup". Single backup folders are no option since I would need so many of them and I cannot easily transfer them to offline hard drives and so on. I personally would have access to the top level and other users and machines to their dedicated backup folder.


Therefore I would suggest the Feature to be able to create shares on sublevels.



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