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Hi, quick question since I was unable to find an answer on my own - 

Is there any way to turn this header - 



Into this - 



Sometimes I need a quick way to copy the path to clipboard so the bottom option would be very useful, but my file manager is showing the top option and I don't know how to change that...



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3 hours ago, bonienl said:

I made an update for the file manager, which allows you to right-click on any of the items in the browse header and it will show the full path, which you can copy / paste as needed.


I don't know if I'm more amazed by this great solution or by the promptness of your response and resolution! Wow!

Thank you so much. I wish all my minor inconveniences were treated this way.

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Hi, I was trying to copy a large number of files using this plugin (which is very convenient, thank you!). The share I'm copying to is set to "Cache: Yes", so cache first then the mover moves the files to the array. Because there were so many files it filled up the cache, but instead of just then copying files directly to the array as would normally happen, it errored out and stopped the transfer. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional behavior for this plugin?

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Just a question on moving all the folders from one disk to another. I saw another post on the intelligence of File Manager, wanting to move like directories between disks, keep things the same. I've gone into Disk17, selected all the root folders and then click Move. Target, I choose Disk1 and it's automatically adding in "backups" to the path, the first folder from Disk17, which also is one Disk1. 

I assume at this point I need to manually edit this and remove the "backups/" portion to copy everything to the root, otherwise it would copy everything from Disk17 to the "backups" folder on Disk1. Or... is it just not displaying properly and all the root folders on Disk17 will be copied to the root of Disk1? It's just showing me "backups" as that is first folder?


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Could there be any way to code in an option to move the "view" column where you open "file browser" (hilighted in yellow in IMAGE1) over to the left side of the shares and disks tables.

Its not too bad on my test server (IMAGE1) but its annoying on my production ultrawide with the Unlimited Width plugin (IMAGE2). In a traditional sense you would open a folder by clicking the name or the folder icon which is beside the name. Having the entry point to the folder for browsing all the way on the other side of the window is a slow. My eyes constantly have to drift across the screen to verify if im hovering on the correct entry point. 





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1 hour ago, ICDeadPpl said:

Could bash scripts (filename.sh) made editable, like *.txt files, when clicking on them?
Or maybe add an "Edit" button?


Add the .sh extension to the list defined in /config/editor.cfg located on your usb drive.

Note: you can use the file manager to edit the above file


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First of all great plugin!


My question is, if i copy files, what happens when i press the (x) in the corner of the copy window? Does it cancel the copy? And if a copy/move is in progress can i see it from another device? For example, i started the copy on PC1 and went doing something, after a while i want to check the progress of the copy from my iPad, is this somehow possible?

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