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Possible Feature Request. 


A Checkbox that could be checked like the over writing one after something is completed to send you a Notification? 

For example I'm moving a fair bit of data and I've checked though out the day to update its status. If I simply received a message. 


Your Dynamix File Manager Operation has been completed


Obviously it would use whatever notifications you have already established in your settings. 



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Awesome plugin and great step forward for unraid!


One thing I notice is that moving files within the same share seems to take quite a bit of time, whereas doing this over smb is basically instant. I've heard this called instant or atomic moves before, and it's my understand that when the client realizes the files are on the same filesystem it knows it can just update the directory pointers, rather than actually moving data on the disk. Would it be possible for this plugin to recognize a shared filesystem and move files this faster way?


In theory, this plugin could even do atomic moves where SMB can't because it runs on the host and knows different shares are on the same disks/filesystem.


Edit: nevermind just searched again and saw this has been asked and answered before


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Thanks that's an interesting tidbit; luckily I'm not too worried about which files are on which disks for my situation


Another feature idea would be an "Open terminal here" button (or if the user is browsed to a certain share/disk path, the existing terminal button could automatically open to that dir)

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1 hour ago, Lien1454 said:

just this plugin?

This. If you know what you are doing, mc at the console would be much faster because it will do a simple path rename, the data will stay physically where it is.


The plugin is meant to be bulletproof and as newbie proof as possible, so everything is done with data safety first, speed second.

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11 minutes ago, wdnaser said:

I found that using plugin to upload speed is very slow, a 2GB file took half an hour!

SMB upload time is only 1 minute.


How to solve this problem? THANKS

图像 4.png

I also observed that when uploading, the CPU is unusually full.

(intel i5 4570)

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I am totally new to unraid and started an unraid server yesterday and connected the old NAS boxes via smb share, downloaded the file manager BUT cant find a way to start the file manager app in a way that has two Windows like the old norton commander. 
I downloaded Krusader then and could open it in the docker tab, started it but only can see my new shares I created in unraid - but cannot manage to see the smb shares of my old Nas devices.
Two down - still one left

I checked the midnight commander and after a little try and error I found my share under "remotes"
This is working for me now -

but when I copy files to unraid - should I copy to

the share

the user  or to 

to a specific disc ?

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Upgraded recently to 6.10.3 (from 6.9 - flashdrive was too small so I could not upgrade earlier) - I really love this plugin - moving all static and not frequently accessed data to other disks so the array does not need to spin up all drives - I noticed our "home" share got across 10 disks - silly. During the day only the "home-shares" are accessed and fit well on one disk and I don't want to "pollute" the home-share with data generated from backupscript eg.


My question: is there a log keep when DFM can't move files or folders - For instance, 'm trying to move share "a" from disk6 to disk1 and share "b" from disk8 to disk1 and it seems to fail because nothing happens. Moving share "a" from disk6 to disk1 and share "b" from disk11 to disk1 is no problem. So I assume something is preventing the move of those 2 shares but without a log I can't figure out why.




I encountered an issue last night:


I think i've seen this question somewhere on the forum - maybe how to deal with it too, but I can't find it. I Tried to delete the versions on disk2 but krusader is not falling for it. I check this thread and also the pdf that's posted on the first page - must be blind 🙂


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Really enjoying this app. 


My one request could we move the 'view' icon to show up next to the name of shares & disks? 

If its a problem to put it in the middle of unraid's native table then maybe in-front of the share name? so columns would be view, share name, etc



Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 14.29.02.png

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