Docker CPU Core/Thread Groups

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I have been working on specifying which cores my docker containers have access to and after working through all this I think it would be super helpful if we could create "Core Groups" that we could add our containers to. For example if I have a total of 15 containers, 6 of which use very few system resources I think it would save a lot of time if I could do the following:


1. Create Core Group named "Background Processes" 

2. Add the 6 containers (either from this page or in the pages of the individual docker setup screens)

3. Select which cores/threads this group has access to

4. Complete and update all required docker containers

5. Rinse and repeat for any other groups you need


Use cases and benefits:

Fewer clicks required when creating docker containers, just add them to a existing group and bam it has access to cores 7, 19, 8, and 20 without you needing to remember those numbers. 


If you have a group of docker containers that need more/fewer resources you can go into the group and add/remove cores all in one place. 


In a system with multiple CPUs you can balance their usage by moving whole groups from one CPU to another.


If there was a Core Group overview you could visually see if any of your dockers or groups have overlapping resources. 


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