Cache could be used more efficiently

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I understand, the given "cache" for a share is only used for "new" files. Thats ok so far.


A file is only "new" once, so further on, the cache is not consulted anymore.


But a file also can be "rewritten", a special opening mode which implies that the old content is lost and the file length is set back to 0.


For UNRAID it would be better if opening a file for rewriting (sequentially) would be transfered into "delete the old file completely" followed by "create a new file with the name that was used before".


This would result into the cache kicking back in for rewriting too because the (now) "new" file will reside on the cache drive again until mover copies it offcache again someday.


It would greatly enhance rewriting speed (at least here where I have 100GB+ files called "Backups" that get rewritten each week and the difference in speed between "new" and "written over directly to the lame storage" is about 90%)


Should not really be complicated to implement this, the creation modes are available at the "file open" time.


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