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Hey y'all, log time unraid user here. I have my trusty ole server I built in 2014. It's been great but now going on 8 years old and it's time for an upgrade. My current server basically runs Plex, Emby, the 'arrs, Home Assistant, etc. and it a local file store for the network, but it mainly a Plex box. I also have a Windows VM that I use (primary Mac user, so any Windows needs I RDP into this, super handy). While I don't find it slow because the P2000 is doing the heavy Plex lifting. 32GB ram is becoming slim. I'm also moving to a new house with 10 gigabit internet here in a couple months and I'm out of PCIe slots to add a 10Gb SFP+ card.


CPU: Xeon E3-1246 v3 @ 3.50GHz (Haswell, 7200 CPU benchmark, ouch, I know)

Mem: 32GB Quad channel 1600Mhz ECC

Mobo: ASRock C226 WS


Quadro P2000 (PCIe x16)

Samsung 3.2TB F320 NVMe (PCIe x8) (Drive is just plex appdata)

Mellanox 2-port SFP+ card (not in the server, ran out of PCIe slots, when I got the NVME)


Wanting to just do Mobo/CPU/Ram upgrade, keeping PCIe devices, power supply and case. Looking to spend maybe $2000 tops.


Couple quick question as with so much change in 8 years not sure what unraid does best on.

- ECC RAM? How important is it now days?

- Whats everyones thoughts on 1st gen threadripper? Or newer ryzen desktop with non-ecc? Don't need to go Intel for quicksync because I got the P2000. But 12th gen Intel is looking pretty nice.

- IPMI? I've play around with some iDracs on some dells and it sure is nice. Any recommended mobos with IPMI?



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