Ultra slow hdd read/write

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Im having a problem with my new unraid build. I have 6 WD green drives that pre cleared fine with 4k alignment. When I setup my array parity sync took 3 days to complete at an average speed of 8500 KB/s which i thought was rather slow. After finishing parity sync I noticed one drive had smart errors for raw read errors so i took the drive back and got another one and put it in. The array is now rebuilding but im still sitting around 8500 KB/s for 2 days now. Does anyone know why it might be going so slow? This is driving my crazy. My specs are as follows


M/B:  Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66

2 GB Ram

6 WD Green EARS

Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 with 2 drives on it

Unraid 4.7


Im at work right now so I can't post my syslog but can do that as soon as I get home.




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You'll need to provide a syslog for anyone to really help. See the sticky post at the top of this forum.


The one idea I had is - if all Your drives are on the SASLP-MV8 (and again, we don't know because You haven't posted syslog) - then if that card is running in 1x mode, that might cause this (And I believe this has happened to some). Not sure if it's visible in the syslog, more experienced forum members might know, however.

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Figured out what the problem was. The case and hot swap rack I have puts the drives on there side. I was going to try a new motherboard to see if that would fix it and when I turned the case on its side I figured I would try one more time and was surprised to see 63,563 KB/s. As soon as I turn the case back up it drops back to 8500 KB/s. Guess these green WD drives dont like being on there side.

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I think your right the computer was off all day so it was cool. It seems as its doing the parity check now the southbridge is getting hot as hell and it's slowing down. Im even noticing when I refresh the web GUI its taking a lot longer to reload it. Im also seeing big speed changes when I push on the motherboard which makes me think the board is toast. I have an XFX Nforce 680i LT laying around. Does anyone know if that board works with Unraid before I rip everything all apart?



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