no Media Server even after installation

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Thanks for the diagnostics. I don't see anything there that will explain why the UPC isn't displaying, but I do see some troubling messages about disk5. Messages like this are repeated multiple times:

May 17 13:02:56 Tower kernel: md: disk5 read error, sector=5461874320
May 17 13:02:56 Tower kernel: md: disk5 read error, sector=5461874328
May 17 13:02:56 Tower kernel: md: disk5 read error, sector=5461874336


I am not really an expert on that. It might make sense to focus on that issue first. In which case I would recommend uninstalling the My Servers plugin and any other plugins you aren't actively using (to simplify your system as much as possible), then reboot, wait a bit for the errors to appear in the syslog, and then open a new topic under General Support.



If you want to continue troubleshooting why the UPC isn't displaying, then in your browser press CTRL-SHIFT-i to bring up DevTools, and switch to the Console tab. Do you see any errors?


Also, what browser are you using? If you use a different browser does the UPC display?

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4 hours ago, jang430 said:

I am using Safari hence not familiar to show dev tools. Will find out how.

I think it is a standard that CTRL-SHIFT-i will being up dev tools (CMD instead of CTRL on Mac). But if not, maybe this will help?


4 hours ago, jang430 said:

What does upc stands for?

Apologies, It is the "User Profile Component", basically the part of the page that is missing from your screenshot. More info here:


4 hours ago, jang430 said:

I haven't tried another browser to check if upc appears.

You are having a very strange issue :) I am not sure if the problem is with the server or with the browser, so trying a different browser will help narrow it down.


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You mentioned that you can't see the UPC on this particular system, do you have another system you can test? If this browser see the UPC on another system that might rule out the browser as the issue (not entirely though)


It would still be helpful if you could try accessing this system with a different browser.

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