6.10rc8 docker没有模板库啊?

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4 hours ago, leeyonwang said:

With a workaround, I have to save that path.

It's so confusing, so confusing, that such a useful feature has been eliminated. So many useful docker templates on GitHub are no longer available. You must know that some dockers are customized by some authors, not the official original version. If this can only be applied to the market, those third-party dockers can only manually fill in the parameters one by one. Adding containers, it's really a step backwards.

Any templates that aren't within Apps are not there either because

  • For one reason or another the template is deprecated / blacklisted
  • The maintainer has never submitted them for inclusion in Apps.  Nothing I can do about that.


At the end of the day, the Template Repositories part of the UI was always intended to be a temporary "feature".  It was CA that was always the desired goal.  And, if you work with "Add Container" and the drop down to select a template.  Apps does support extra repositories that aren't publicly published within it.  Template Repositories was basically a redundant section that has long been superseded and it was long past time to remove it (If I had my way, it would have been removed in 2015 not 2022)

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