VM Manager won´t start - cannot add /domains

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Hi everybody,


I may have deleted the domains share somehow. It is not there anymore.

When I want to open VMS it says couldn´t start libvirt services.

If I go to settings VM Manager it say there:

/mnt/user/domains/ couldn´t find path


When I want to create a share with the name "domains", it won´t show up. No error msg though.


I had installed a Win10 VM once. I just started to use unraid. the isos are still there.


Is there a way to re-install the domains Folder for VMs?


I have no idea what to do. Fix common problem says all fine.


Any suggestion appriciated.


Thank you. 

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17 minutes ago, JorgeB said:
mkdir '/mnt/user/Domains'


Your creating Domains, not domains, Linux is case sensitive.

That's exactly the problem:


Since the share 'domains' seems to be gone. I thought it may be sufficient to just create one manually.


When I try to create a share with the name 'domains' int the Unraid gui, I can press Apply and all seems normal but the share doesn't appear.


I can create one with 'Domains' though, but that won't do the trick.


Is there a way to reset the VM mounting domains?

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First one is a puzzler.  Second makes sense since it's missing the leading slash.  Best guess is that the array isn't started or in maintenance mode.


Can you post a new set of diagnostics which reflect the situation after running those commands, but before a reboot.

10 hours ago, _astro_ said:

But I can only see 16 in the Unraid dash.

The diagnostics (shares folder) doesn't reflect what's actually there as a share.  It's simply a dump of all the .cfg files.  IE: You at some point HAD those extra 4 shares, but now you do not.  While I haven't gone though each of the .cfg files, there will be 4 of them that say the share does not exist on any drive.  EG: "T------------o.cfg"

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13 hours ago, _astro_ said:

VMS is back as well, but cannot find its files.


2022-05-15 19:19:39.627+0000: 14471: error : virQEMUFileOpenAs:11519 : Failed to open file '/mnt/disks/2139E5D6640F/Windows 10/vdisk1.img': No such file or directory


You need to mount the NVMe device, and check that mountpoint (or the VM path) is correct.


May 15 21:19:15 Tower unassigned.devices: Disk with ID 'CT1000P2SSD8_2139E5D6640F (nvme0n1)' is not set to auto mount.



P.S. this indicates that one of the cache devices dropped offline in the past:


May 15 21:19:14 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device sde1): bdev /dev/sde1 errs: wr 441362, rd 1149, flush 10893, corrupt 1529, gen 0


You should run a scrub and monitor for more issues, more info below:




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