Can't access host from VM or some Dockers

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Running Unraid 6.9.2.

I am having an issue that is likely related to my custom network setup and am looking for some suggestions to get it resolved. 


I have 2 VLAN's in my home network: (VLAN 10 - Management & VLAN 20 - Services). My goal was to isolate the management functions of Unraid (Web, SSH) on one NIC ( - VLAN 10), and have my other services (SMB, dockers, VM's) on the second NIC (VLAN10 & VLAN20). 


I used the "bind interfaces only" option in the SMB settings to make sure that SMB was only available on my second NIC.



I used the BIND_MGT="yes" in my ident.cfg to make sure the GUI and SSH was only available to my primary NIC.


I have setup my router and my switch with the appropriate VLAN config and everything works as expected from another PC on my network. GUI and SSH on and SMB on


I then setup my dockers using either 10.25.20.x (br1.20) or 10.25.10.x (br1.10), depending on the app, and I can access them as expected from another PC on my network.


The issue is that I can't access the GUI, SMB, or ping from a Windows VM on the Unraid server (br1.20) that I setup to test with. I also tested with some dockers and from those on br1.10, I can ping both my Unraid host IP's with no issues, but from dockers on br1.20 I can't.


My Unraid server has two NIC's: Eth0 and Eth1 setup as follows:






My Docker networking is setup as follows:



My route table is setup as follows:



I am obviously missing something in regards to br1.20 but have been unable to figure it out. Anyone else have a similar setup that would be willing to show their configs?


I have also attached my if that provides additional information.

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