Unraid isn't running more than a day

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Hi there,


i updated my Unraid Server with new/old hardware (Mainboard, CPU RAM from my old computer)

Since i installed my old M.2 1TB Samsung SSD as chache drive, Unraid is running for a few hours and then isn't able to reach the webinterface and i can't ping it. the Strange thing, without load the M.2 SSD is running at about 70c°syslog.txt. Stops Unraid because of M.2 Overtemperature?


i am Using an Asrock Fatal1ty x370 itx with Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB G-Skill RAM, 1TB Samsung M.2 SSD, 2x WD 8TB, 2x WD 4TB.

In the Moment there are running 10 Dockers and no VMs


edit: i dismantled the system and put a thermal pad between m.2 ssd and mainboard, the Temperatur is now at about 44c°. after an hour the system again wasn't reachable

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thank you very much. I have configured typical current idle and test it for today. in the last days it was running about 1-12 Hours. If it doesn't work i will try the bios update (i hate bios updates, had a laptop many years ago, bios update called succsess, laptop won't boot again)

Ram isn't overclocked, i wanted to, but had many problems (first gen of ryzen wasn't easy to ram overclock)

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aww uptime 14 hours, it seems typical current idle did the trick. Thank you sooo much!


i let the server run till tomorrow and if there are no more problems i would like to close this thread.

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