(SOLVED) Best way to migrate entire shares?

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I want to change my overall approach to media shares since I am now running *.arr apps and such on the server. When I did the initial config years ago I was not even using Plex.


Currently I have 7 main shares involved with my media server setup. 3 for movies, 3 for tv, and one for downloads. I have read that it is best to have everything organized as subfolders under a single "data" share. so that is what i want to migrate to.


Is Midnight Commander the best option to move a substantial amount of files? does it by default bypass cache, or should I initially have cache disabled on the new share? Will it be better to do a fresh install of Plex and/or my *.arr containers after the migration is complete and all the new paths are in place?


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Shares are simply the root folders on each drive, so you are really just renaming the paths into a new root folder, no need to move the bits to a new physical location.


in mc, navigate to /mnt/disk1 in the left and right pane, in the right pane Mkdir data, then navigate into the data folder. In the left pane select shares you want to move into "data", then RenMov them. Should happen very quickly.

Repeat for /mnt/disk2 in the left and right pane, then /mnt/disk3, etc, etc. If the shares in question use pools, do the same thing using /mnt/poolname.


STAY OUT OF /mnt/user while playing around with mc if you are working with /mnt/diskX or /mnt/poolname. If you want to work in /mnt/user, make sure BOTH PANES are in /mnt/user, never mix the two.


You will need to change the host paths on each and every effected container, adding "data" into their paths, i.e. if the original host path was /mnt/user/movies, the new path would be /mnt/user/data/movies

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1 hour ago, JonathanM said:

Should happen very quickly.

renMov operation for my "Movies" share was indeed almost instant for each disk. However, The "TV" folders are quite slow. A progress bar displays for each file as though it is in fact moving the data. Is this normal?


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