Unraid 6.10-rc4 no Network \ no UI \ no Services

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Hi All


I just updated unraid to the latest RC and rebooted my server, it has not come back up at all.


After a while I connected a monitor to it, and logged into the GUI mode to try an troubleshoot it.


I am unable to open the UI while physically sitting in front of the server and am unable to browse the network \ internet at all - so I am leaning towards it being a NIC or network issue.


The symptoms I got were:

- Unraid taking forever to initialize SAMBA

- NIC lights flashing with no connection

- No UI started when logged into the server

- No network access of any kind

- Server not responding to ping


I have tried using the other network points on the server and rebooting to the same issue (there are 4 of them that are usually bonded together).


Any help here would be amazing, as I am a bit concerned about my data 



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I did manage to pull down a previous backup of my flash drive through "My Servers" and this was the expected NIC configuration if that helps at all.


# Generated settings:
BONDNICS[0]="eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3"


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Yes it was, however I do not have any means of uploading it,


I have shut down the server, removed the flash drive and plugged it into this PC.


There is a drive mounted in Windows when I do that, however it won't allow access to it without me formatting it - I have checked on diskpart \ manager and the only volume exposed is the uncountable one.


Do I need to do something special to be able to browse the /boot directory locally?


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After a couple of hours of fighting with it I just reinstalled Unraid  6.10.1 to a new USB and rebooted the server, migrated my key and am now trying to figure out how to import my disks again, at the moment I am stuck looking at the following screen


I did make a backup of the original drive before the reinstall, but I don't know how to import my disks correctly without messing things up.


Any suggestions?

2022-05-26 12_23_49-desktop-hqj8dst - TightVNC Viewer.png

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I have managed to resolve the correct disks to slots on the array, however I wont start it as I am getting the warning that the disks will be overridden.


I cannot for the life of me find the correct guide for migrating servers

2022-05-26 12_46_59-NAS_Main.png

2022-05-26 12_47_07-NAS_Main.png

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All of your configuration is in the config folder of your flash backup. Without that you are starting from scratch. As long as you don't assign a data drive to a parity slot your data should be fine. The screenshot is showing parity disks will be overwritten, not your data. 

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Thanks all - just closing the loop here.


I managed to configure the appropriate settings for virtualization as suggested by @Squid along with creating a new flash drive with the latest stable version of Unraid.


In addition to that I did a manual sync of all configuration and shares to the new flash drive from the backup I had.


I made use of the vars diagnostics file to ensure that I mapped the correct drives when assigning drives and took a leap of faith when it came to starting the array based on @trurl which seemed to work.


My Docker images and shares are all back along with the array rebuilding.


Thank you everyone who helped, awesome community!

2022-05-26 13_53_46-NewNas_Main.png

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