[OS 6.10.1] Server reboots automatically and then freezes (after some reboots)

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I hope I am in the right place.
I've had Unraid for a few days, and I'm really excited. But I have a small problem, the server reboots at irregular intervals and freezes (no longer accessible). After the reboot/boot, it performs a parity check (that means it didn't shut down properly?). In the settings, I have activated the saving of the logs, but I can't quite figure out where the problem is.

Is there any kind of support that could help me with this problem or do you have any idea what I can look for in the log?


Thank you very much for your help and many greetings

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5 hours ago, Jan-Luca said:

the server reboots at irregular intervals

Is the BIOS set up to boot automatically ?


In any case, you can start to check the power states and update BIOS if its not the latest.



I see that you did set up a syslog server, I did not see anything relevant there, but maybe someone else can.

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Also many thanks for your help, the Server boots directly the Unraid USB Stick, is that ok?


I updated the Bios and set the "PowerSupply Idle Control" to "typical Current Idle" 

(if someone is looking for the option, it is located at "Advanced\AMD CBS\CPU Common Options")

Let's see if the server now runs consistently

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