Unraid Pro Upgrade Sale

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Hello all,


We wanted to do something special for all of our current users so, all through July we're running an Unraid Pro upgrade sale! 


Enjoy 30% off Unraid Pro upgrades:

Basic license to Pro: $79 Now $55.30 USD

Plus license to Pro: $49 Now $34.30 USD


Take 30% off at checkout with the coupon code: PRO30


Full details and instructions ⤵️

Unraid Pro Upgrade Sale

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6 hours ago, astronax said:

Sounds like a good offer for those who are thinking about buying the pro version.

Are there simalar plans for upgraders in basic -> plus ?


keep up the good work

Only Pro upgrades this go around. 

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18 minutes ago, ijuarez said:

SO... asking for a friend....if you have a license already at pro. Can i turn a different usb stick from trial to pro just to have possible for a second server?


Like i said asking for a friend


Your friend could start a new trial, buy Basic at normal price and use the discount code to Pro to save a few bucks. ;-)

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Currently on a trial period right now, and assuming I'm going to be buying a license, looks like my best bet is to go Basic first and then upgrade to Pro... okay!  I'll take the $15 USD savings, even though I don't even need Pro right now :D.  Might even be cheaper than gas right now!  Thanks guys!


Pro = $129
Plus to Pro Upgrade = $89 + $34.30 = $123.30
Basic to Pro Upgrade = $59 + $55.30 = $114.30

Plus = $89

Basc = $59

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16 minutes ago, thomas.mantot said:

Hello, would like to upgrade Unraid OS Basic to Plus Upgrade, I have enter the coupon Pro30 but when I need to pay it's say 39$ ...

That code is only valid if you upgrade to Pro (i.e. not to Plus).

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