Wireguard connected smartphone has no access to home network devices when Docker custom network br0 macvlan is enabled

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I am trying to connect with my smartphone to my unraid. 

Issue is that if I enabled the br0 macvlan in docker (custom ip used in for my pihole docker), my via wireguard connected phone is not able to connect to my router at anymore. I can only access the dockers that are part of the br0 network and my unraid machine.

If docker is turned off, everything is working fine. 




Once I add the custom br0 network in docker settings, the following routing entries seem to get added:



Any ideas what is causing this behaviour and how to fix it?




I can add a new custom route to my router via br0 which seems to overwrite and allows access of my router via Wireguard, but I am not planning to do this for devices on my network:


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I figured out that the shim-br0 routes will be created once I enable the Docker settings "Host access to custom networks".


Disabling this setting unfortunately disables the access from the host to the custom network dockers, but at least all other machines will be accessible via wireguard. 


I keep the setting disabled until I find a better way. 




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