Poll Suggestion: Average Power Consumption and/or 'how much time does your server actually spend idle'


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The power consumption one is something I thought was already there, but when I went to look for it, didn't see it immediately off-hand.


The second is the more interesting one to me honestly - I see a TON of people talking about idle power consumption, and I'm just wondering how much time people actually have these servers idle. For myself, I went back 96 hours, and there's only 2 hours in there that I'd call 'idle'. There's almost always at least one plex transcode going, tdarr will often see new media and get cracking away on converting it, Nextcloud is now up to 7 users and there usually someone working on a document or sharing files, checking their email, or syncing something with their PCs/phones, just tons of stuff.


I'm just wondering whether 'idle power consumption' is a thing folks actually see (and how much) - even if my system utilization is above 'typical', it makes me wonder if instead we shouldn't be thinking about the system's efficiency (instructions per clock and the like) vs 'mine idles at 30w'


... For the record, if I saw 30w on mine, it'd mean something's broken/misreporting 😅

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Well right now its summer here in the US so Here's my PC schedule.

- 6-8AM Plex fires up and scans drives along with my Mover and a few other tasks since I knew drives would be active. 

- My Son "might" watch some Movies through out the day since its Summer Break.

- Between 7-11PM Its pretty common for me to catch a few TV shows or Movies. 


So That's around 10 hours of use. Obviously when the misses is home or my Oldest son things might change. Oldest is usually out and about and the misses loves to read paper books. So I'd say my machine idles around 14hours give or take a few scripts that might fire up to do things. I'm running System Temp and Auto Fan Speed so my fans are typically off in my case too. The CPU fan is always running which does pull in air. 


My UPS via unraid says I'm drawing 38watts with nothing but CPU, CPU fan running and rear case fan. Do I really believe the numbers. Meh, but I have to reference something. Lol 



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