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Noah Tatum

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Looking for some advice on the best strategy for my server cache. Today, I have a cache pool which is 2x 512GB and 1x 1TB SSDs in btrfs. It's not awesome because I have my container appdata on the cache as well as some VMs. Any time I download anything to the cache, it quickly fills up faster than the mover can keep up.


SO, I want to increase my cache pool. My thought is to buy 2 more 1TB SSDs and replace the 2x 512GB SSDs in the pool. Would it be possible to then use one or more of the 512GB SSDs for a download-only cache? I wouldn't mind striping them together if possible because it would JUST be more temporary data. From what I read, you can't have more than one cache pool in unRAID, but even if there was some way to pass the drive into a container, that would work for my purposes.

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1 hour ago, Noah Tatum said:

From what I read, you can't have more than one cache pool in unRAID

That has not been the case for a while now.


You can have multiple pools, each with their own filesystem, so you could have a single XFS disk pool, a single BTRFS disk pool, a RAID0 BTRFS pool, a RAID1 BTRFS pool, etc.

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