Unraid Server Question (not sure where to go with this one)


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Quick question on where to start to look for an answer, if it's possible, and how complicated it would be if it is.  I have my Unraid Server set up on a 1u server.  I will be installing a raspberry pi with octopi and have that connected to my 3d printer.  Is there a way to use nginx on my server to point to the local IP of Octoprint for remote access to it? (if it is possible to do so that is).  I tried the Octoprint docker and had it working on my printer, but have had 2 fails prints because the docker locked up or crashed.  From some more research, most are saying to not use your server and have a dedicated pi for the printer.  


Anyways, direction would be great.

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I basically do the same here, except point to my RainMachine sprinkler controller.


I run NPM (Nginx Proxy Manager) on my server, and NPM redirects the traffic to the RainMachine on the same router/network.


I also use it to access several of the dockers on my server, using a cheap domain I picked up and a free Cloudflare account.  (A nice side effect is it doesn't usually get trapped in the DNS blocking firewalls some networks use).


There are several NPM / Reverse Proxy videos and tutorials an easy search away.

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