Dashboard widget/plugin for updates to plugins and dockers

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Currently you can view the Action Center under the Apps Tab. You could also enable Notifications for Plugin/Docker updates which would give you a popup. 


Its not really a Dashboard widget, but it would popup enough to annoy you. ;)


Personally the notifications would drive me batty, but some people like to be driving a little mad now and then. Lol

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1 minute ago, Jaybau said:

Just found this plugin:

CA Auto Update Applications


Oh sorry. I thought you just wanted a widget for Notifications. Yes that Plugin is a must for keeping things up to date automatically. Keep in mind you can select everything or you can tell it NOT to update specific things. For instance I have a Docker I use for VPN with a kill switch so I make sure to update that manually so it doesn't kill a few running things when it updates and I don't notice. 

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 I thought you just wanted a widget for Notifications. 

You are right.  It still would be nice to have something on the Dashboard letting us know there's an update available.


I mainly use the Dashboard to assess health, activity, status.  The concept of a Dashboard is a quick visualization, without having to look for stuff.


The plugin goes a step further and just updates apps/plugins, but some people may not auto update everything, so it would still be nice to have a dashboard widget.

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