[SUPPORT] Mecon - Reconcile media files with Plex library entries


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Media Reconciler, or simply mecon, is a cross-platform command line tool which reconciles media within a directory with media in a Plex library. For a given directory of files, it answers simple questions such as:

  • Which files have failed to have been added to a Plex library?
  • Which files exist in a Plex library?
  • Which files have been watched by all users?
  • Which files have been watched by a sub-set of users?


Quick Start

  1. Install the container from Community Applications
  2. Set Plex host URL & token variables in Docker template
  3. Add read-only volume mounts for your media directories in Docker template
  4. Start the container
  5. Run the mecon command line app by:

    • Using docker exec in the Unraid terminal:

      docker exec -t mecon mecon <arguments>


    • Or... SSH into the container or open Unraid's web-based console for the container and use:

      mecon <arguments>


A simple example of <arguments> would be finding files in the /Films directory (this must be made available as a volume mount) that you'd expect to have been added to a Plex library but haven't for some reason. In this case we limit our search to MKV files:


mecon -d /Films -e mkv -L


For full documentation see the readme where examples of all the above use-cases and more are given along with details on how to configure the application to avoid repeatedly providing the same arguments.


GitHub: https://github.com/elzik/mecon

GitHub packages: https://github.com/elzik/mecon/pkgs/container/mecon

Documentation: https://github.com/elzik/mecon#mecon

Template: https://github.com/elzik/unraid-templates/blob/main/mecon.xml

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4 hours ago, kri kri said:

Can step 3 be added to the template?


Thanks for the suggestion. I could and I appreciate the intent but doing so is problematic.


If I was to include the volume mount in the template with an empty source path on the host ready to fill in by the end user, it will error if they neglect to do so - I want running the container to succeed by default.


If I was to include a default path to get round this but it doesn't exist, it will be created on host - maybe not what the user is expecting and it is actually recommended not to do this (see point 3 here and more detail here).

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3 hours ago, milfer322 said:

I try it in two modes with necom -L in the directory and mecon -d /Films -L but not work for me.

I recive all times the message:

Error: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'segment')


It's not immediately obvious what the problem is. Could you please:

  1. Attach a copy of your template (with token redacted, if present) from: 
  2. Let me know the output of the following: 
    mecon config -ls

You can send me this via private message if you'd rather not make it public.

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