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This time I got an error report when trying to install the driver.


|ERROR|Something went wrong while converting string to pci identifier
|ERROR|Something went wrong while loading "DisplayDevice"
|ERROR|Something went wrong while loading device
|ERROR|Something went wrong while creating device. Guid = "4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318"


My CPU is an intel i7700k so maybe a little old? Looks like I need a 10th gen or newer. I thought having resizable bar was optional.

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On 1/2/2023 at 2:12 PM, ram8704 said:


Ok only a slight difference I will try to rebuild to match. 


Managed to get it working for me. I needed to make sure a couple settings were set in Bios no changes from what SimonF put in his screenshot.


- I set my bios to UFEI boot only

- Enabled resizable bar (not sure if needed)

- MSI bios had an option to detect VGA devices it was set to auto. Turned it off.

- IGPu set to default display

- Rebooted


I will likely test some encoding. So far its been good. CPU AV1 was giving me 2hr estimates on a 30 minute file. Now I see 6-10 minutes with Intel profile.

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Hi Guys,


I don't know if this can help us but thor2002 has some unraid kernels ready on variouse 6.x.x linux kernels, My problem is that my servers RTL8125 (Realtek 2.5GBe nic) stops working, I also will receive my A380 tomorrow and was looking in to the arc support. Hope some have succes with the 6.x.x kernels from thor. I will also start testing again tomorrow with a different machine that has the RTL8125 and an intel nic for backup (not the machine that will get the A380)

I also used thor's kernels when Alder lake iGPU was still not officialy supported and that worked great! but now My nic is not supported with his kernels so I hope others with other nics have more luck.

Edit 26-01:
I tested some more with another Intel based dual gb nic card and the custom kernels from thor also don't work with that, I will check on a different machine with a clean unraid stick to see what whil happen

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