Any scheduler plugins or dockers available?

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Reason i ask is that i now have cheaper rate electricity available but only between the hours of 12am and 7am so i want to be able to schedule a lot of my more time intensive jobs to avaoid peak rate electricity. I'm moving a lot of data around and it would help to be able to schedule and pause jobs to take advantage of this. Anyone any advice? Bear in mind that i'm running across three unraid servers so the savings would be very useful here in UK where leccy costs are now way OTT ;>(((

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CA User Scripts plugin allows bash scripts to be run on a schedule.



That doesn't help you with very long running jobs because it can't automatically pause them after, say, 7 hours but there is an option built-in to Unraid to pause scheduled parity checks after a given number of hours and continue the next day. See Settings -> Scheduler -> Parity Check -> Cumulative Parity Check.


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