HELP! Both Unraid Servers acting wonky!?

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Server 1 had a psu die, which took out the cpu. I replaced the psu and cpu (switched from a Ryzen 3700X -> 5600G).. ok boots up now and Unraid back in business.

Server 2 was working perfectly fine during this whole time, no issues.


Now, tonight I notice that both servers Active Directory Join Status is "Not Joined".. I have 2 domain controllers, 1 on each unraid server. Ok, simple enough, I type in the admin password and click "Join"... they both sit there waiting, waiting, waiting for several minutes.. then I noticed both Unraid servers not responding to web gui any more. I press the power button on both to gracefully shut them down to avoid a parity check. They both shut down, I bring them back up and now neither one of them will let me in to the VM tab without freezing the web gui input. The dashboard screen won't show and Docker or VM info. Albeit, the Docker tab works fine.

I noticed Server 1 will eventually show VM and Docker info on Dashboard, some VM's are indeed running (from autostart), but when I click on one of them to start, it took FOREVER... eventually it did start.

Server 2, haven't gotten any VM or Docker info on Dashboard to show.


I attached my diagnostic logs for both servers if that helps.

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