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Overview: Support for Docker image CUPS-Airprint

Application Name: CUPS-Airprint
Application:  https://openprinting.github.io/cups/index.html

Documentation: https://openprinting.github.io/cups/index.html#DOCUMENTATION


Make sure to look at the complete documentation


Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker template you have in this thread.

Note: this is not a support thread for cups

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I try to get my old Dell 1320c running with Cups.

That should be possible with an old 32bit ppd (FX_DocuPrint_C525_A_AP.ppd) witch needs some special filters in /user/lib/cups/filter/.


Is it possible to copy the missing filters to that dir?


I am thankful for every help.

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I am using https://github.com/chuckcharlie/cups-avahi-airprint container in this template 
and it do not seem to be build to expose this dir.


this dir (/user/lib/cups/filter/) do not exist in the conatiner , did you mean : /usr/lib/cups/filter
if it is the latter ,  you can put you file in the container to test , but be aware that anytime the container will rerun you will have to reupload the file.

or ask on https://github.com/chuckcharlie/cups-avahi-airprint for the inclusion of this file

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