[SOLVED] Setup read/write from my PC and read only from flatmates.

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Hi, I've been reading up on unRAID for the past few days and currently have a test server up using 3 old drives and a borrowed PC.


I currently have my unRAID set up to act as one large hard drive (one usershare called unRAID which is spread across both data drives) which I have mapped as a drive letter in 'My Computer'.


Please could somebody point me in the direction of how to setup my unRAID share so that from my PC I can read and write but my flatmate can only read as I'm worried about accidental loss or moving of files.


From all my reading so far I have not seen step by step instructions to do this.


We are both on Windows7 and my unraid is free version: 5.0-beta7 (will be Pro once build new server)


Many thanks and looking forward to my new hardware to arrive so I can move all my 9 data drives into my new server. :)

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For some strange reason unraid lacks easy configuration for share authentication. Read up on samba, which is what is used to share your unraid data with other computers. Beware, samba is quite complicated. A little help on what you need to change:

You will need to modify the smb.conf config file.

-change share security from "share" to "user" (share level is very outdated and should not be used anyway)

-you need to add a user to samba and set a password for that user

-there are also a few options you need to change for the shares; guest access, read/write and so-on


What you want is very possible but not easily done with what unraid gives you. A little disappointing for $70 minimum.

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Think you just share it readonly and then put your user in with an exception,.. on my 4.7 pro version to get the user thing happening you need the pro version,.. Assume the same for 5.x


Thanks for the replies. What I don't understand is how I 'log in' to my unRAID from my PC. I have tried making a user in the users tab and allowing that user to read/write and set the exception in the settings but don't know how to make my PC use this username when accessing my unRAID server. If I set my share to read only except that username (set it to 'scure' and give my username read/write privaleges) and I browse to the unRAID files I don't get asked for a username/password so I can only read and not write.


Thanks to xamindar too. Reading up on Samba is on my to do list. I was just wondering if there was an easy step by step guide in the FAQ I could follow to get me started.

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mrbens, I think if you map the share as a network drive windows will give you the option of using a different username. Otherwise it just uses the user you are logged in as on that windows PC. Windows is not a very robust operating system so you have to work around it's limits. So the easiest thing to do is make sure you are just setting up the same username on unraid.

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That's perfect. When mapping it there's an option called 'connect using different credentials' which I didn't notice or know what it meant when I initially mapped the unraid share to a drive letter in 'My Computer'


Thanks guys it's working now.  ;D

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