Creating a virtual machine on Unraid using Terraform IaC

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Hey Y'all

I've been working on getting Terraform IaC to deploy virtual machines on Unraid and wanted to share the code so no-one else has to go through my pain of making it work.


It nicely downloads the cloud image and creates a username on it for you all with the help of libvirt and virsh

All I ask is for a star on the repo :)

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This may very well be what I've been looking for! (I was looking into salt just a little while ago)

But, I am new to Terraform. Could you post instructions on the github? I'm excited to try it out on my unraid. (I was just trying to get some cloud images up and running in unraid's KVM with no luck. I'm sure I was missing something simple, because I think I've done it before) So, I'd love to give this a try!

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Is there someone that would make a short video what for changes need to be done to get this running? i setup everything i understood sofar, but it would be helpful to know what for values needs to be altered on the .tf files and .cfg , aswell what needs to be done on the unraid system regarding the password etc. for a working connection. I worked with terraform before but with Azure. 

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