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What to do when unRAID WebGUI can't be reached anymore?

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you are mis-interperting


The"red" disk has been disabled because a "write" to it failed.


You have good parity, and as a result the failed disk is currently being simulated for both reads and writes.


The failure could have been a loose cable, or a bad cable, or a bad drive tray, or even a bad disk.


If you've re-seated the connector you'll need to allow unRAID to re-construct the simulated contents onto the disk that is now functioning.


To do that, it needs to think it is a replacement disk, but you can fool it by

stopping the array

un-assigning the failed disk

starting the array without it assigned (it will still be simulated, but it will forget the serial number of the old drive and think it is new when you re-assign it in a few steps)

Stopping the array once more

Re-assigning the disk  (it now thinks it is a new replacement drive, even though it is the same drive as before)

Starting the array one more time.  This time it will re-construct the contents of the simulated disk onto the physical one.


When that is done, all the indicators will turn green once more.

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You are confused about parity and the red disk. The red disk indicator generally means that the disk has failed to be written to. When this happens, unRAID begins to simulate the disk and all the reads and writes are also simulated. It does the disk simulation by using the parity and all other disks combined. Any changes made to the simulated disk10 are done by changing the parity drive to match what would be done if disk10 was alive.


So, the result of the above means you don't want to just turn disk10 green and rebuild parity. Any writes to disk10 since it failed are not saved to disk10 but rather to just the parity. You now need to rebuild disk10, not accept disk10 and rebuild parity. Unassign disk10 and start the array again. Then, stop and re-assign disk10. You will be given the option to rebuild disk10 so check the confirm box and press start to rebuild disk10. Do not do start the array if anything else is indicated (new disk, disk clearing, formatting etc).




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done, done, done and done!


rebuilding as we speak...dang, i can't believe i forgot how to do all that, but i haven't been dealing with anything faulty on the unRAID in almost 2 years, and there go my chops.


i assume it will be rebuilt in about 6-7hrs as usual, and that the issue will then finally be resolved...puh, that was something.


you're the man, Joe!

and thanks for confirming, lionelhutz :)

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I am also having an issue were I can telnet in but can not access the web gui. This is on an initial setup using the lastest beta as I would like to run Plex Media server on the box. Everything was going fine with the setup, preclear assigning disks and all and then after I clicked apply after enabling user shares the web gui became no longer accessable. Attached is my syslog per instructions


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Read the thread for the beta again and noticed many ppl having same issue. downgraded and everything seems to be working properly again

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