segfault on 6.11.x? need assistance troubleshooting please


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So this has happened 3 times now, so I dont think its a fluke.  I never had issues on 6.9.x, and I skipped 6.10.  The below is from 6.11.4 and seems to be a segfault created by  I've had the same occur on 6.11.2 and 6.11.3.  I cannot figure out a way to induce the problem it seemingly happens randomly as far as I can tell. Might be a couple of days uptime, might be a week or more.


In the logs, the event seemed to happen at Nov 22 16:18:05.  I do see the call trace to nfsd, that could maybe be related.  I do have one VM that makes some downloads and after downloading I sue NFS to copy back to a folder for unraid for plex to see it.  


I'm attaching diagnostics from before rebooting it, and I've also attached the dmesg output (not really needed, but why not)

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