Unraid's Cyber Weekend Sale!

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Starting 12:01 AM Black Friday thru Midnight of Cyber Monday (PST), take 20% off Unraid Pro licenses or LEVEL UP to Pro for 30% off!


Unraid Pro $129    $103.20


Basic to Pro $79   $55.30

Plus to Pro $49    $34.30


Buy Unraid Pro now for a friend or family member (or a treat for yourself) now and gift it later!


For full details, head over to https://unraid.net/cyber-weekend-2022




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Thanks!! Definitely buying the Pro license to support you guys and your amazing work. My first trial extension ended a few days ago and since I'm still building my system I wasn't sure if I should extend the trial one more time or go for the Plus licence. Now it's clear that I should go for the Pro😄

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  • SpencerJ changed the title to Unraid's Cyber Weekend Sale!

I have two unRAID servers already in use.  One local to serve as the central backup point for my workstations. Also be the utility service for functions like WireGuard, NextCloud, and pihole.   Second server at a remote location to have an offsite backup.   

Plan was to eventual buy a third unRAID as a test box.  A place to experiment, test, and prove upgrades, new containers without disturbing the backup channel.

This sale hasten that purchase.   Thanks guys!

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I may never need a pro license as I prefer fewer larger disks in the array; however, you never know when things can change so I took advantage of the sale and upgraded one of my Plus licenses to Pro.  For $34.30 it was not much of a gamble even if I never really need it.  I am at nine disks (parity, array, cache, permanent UD) on my Plus license leaving only three more.  Now I don't have to worry about exceeding the limit.

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