Usenet setup advice!!!


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I need some direction on setting up usenet and all of the fixins. What is the best tutorial out there, or is there even one on how to setup for a usenet system?

I'm going to be searching, but thought I'd ask before I do.



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I don't know of any tutorial (specific to Unraid). You might want to understand that Usenet predates "the Web" by a decade. There is no...


3 hours ago, ingeborgdot said:

usenet system?


You search and you will find. Be humble and you will be accepted. Be a torrent whore and... well... to each their own.



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I have since found some info that helps some. No videos so to speak, but written content. I guess that is better than nothing. I'm almost ready to get started, but now the daunting task of choosing which provider. Too many of them. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on them too.

I like this one, but I don't like that one etc. Maybe I'll find the one that suits me best, but I don't know what will suit me best because I have never used them before. Is there one that is best suited for someone in the US? Or does it even matter?


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I believe there are one or two major providers of the Usenet backbone… the well known Usenet providers are basically re-sellers of one of those backbones. I have been on Supernews for over a decade… it never lets me down. It finds stuff that has been posted for like 5+ years. 

The other challenge is to get into the better indexer sites…. For the most part they are invite only… faves of mine are omgwtfnzb and nzbplanet… 


Finally you configure your *arr dockers to automate everything. You will need a downloader docker…. NZBGet is my preference….


There are a lot of dots to connect…how indexers, downloader, and *rr’s talk to each other.  But once you get it all down, you can’t imagine life without it. SpacerInvader’s videos will really help you connect them dots.


it will be a fun journey.


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