Unraid MyServers Plugin being detected as Threat by Cisco Talos


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I just turned on the MyServers Plugin and setup remote access. I can now no longer access my server except by my cell phone when I am disconnected from my Wi-Fi. 


Our wifi is controlled by our building (we live in an apartment) and I already contacted them and they said they can't fix this.


I attached a screenshot (covered up part of my unique link). 


I literally can't access my server anymore from my laptop, even the local IP doesn't work. 


Oh and I know umbrella is DNS layer, but it seems they redirect all DNS requests to Umbrella, as I have tried chaining my dns to cloud flare and google and umbrella still intercepts it. 


How do I fix this?

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 8.22.13 PM 1.png

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