does unraid eat disks?

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Hey folks!


so I had to swap a disk a second time that year. So I was wondering why my HDDs does not live longer than 3 years. 
I tryed to preclear the same disk to just give it a try. but after 2min of pre-read it failed - so I was like ok, thats trash.

After buying a new one an pre-clear that disk everythings fine now but I ask myself why do this disk fail so early.

I put that disk in my windows machine and used HDDScan to read all sectors of that disk - there has been no bad sector. only one with > 500ms read - thats not a disk fail. smart state is good...


why does unraid say that this disk is in error state?

thank you!



WD3TB_nf_Screenshot 2022-12-18 153636.png

WD3TBsmart.pdf WD3TBres.pdf

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What makes you think Unraid is saying a disk is 'Bad'?  Disks can go into an error state (i.e. be disabled) at the Unraid level without the disk itself going bad.  Unraid disables a drive if a write fails for any reason,  and there can be a lot of causes for this that are external to the drive itself with the commonest being related to the cabling to the drive.


We normally ask users to run an Extended SMART test from within Unraid on drives that are disabled, and only if that fails do we assume the disk itself is at fault.

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