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VM with GPU passthrough makes the Web UI hang


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I've tried everything (including manually changing the XML as suggested in one Spaceinvader One video).


It appears that as soon as I try to associate the GPU to a VM, when I start the VM, the GUI stops working.


Everything else keep going on: existing VMs, Dockers, the raid, I can even SSH into unraid. But the GUI is bogged.

I tried with Windows and Linux, same result.


I have the Unraid plugin with NVidia driver installed, plus GPU stat and a script that every hour put the GPU in low power mode. I followed another video from SpaceInvader One to do so.


Mind that this configuration used to work: I could start my Windows vm, the GPU would be moved to the VM, then when I stopped, it would be released back to Unraid.


Something's happened, maybe a new version of Unraid + NVidia driver.


But the thing that bugs me more is I could understand the VM not working, but why the interface hangs up? It doesn't make sense to me.



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