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Today my UNRAID server went OFF after running for some months without a problem. OFF, in the middle of watching a movie in the warm living room. OFF, needed to go to the cold garage to turn it back on...


It turned out that it was completly OFF, and also it did a clean shutdown before. I have not the slightest idea what happened and who told him to shutdown (surely it was not me, and there are no other admins here and no remote access too). Maybe the UPS? (but battery state is at 100%...)


After turning him on again, he booted flawlessly, all was well again. I went inside and took a look into the external syslog server. But it did not enlight me what happened. Just messages of services that shutted down one by one and finally the LAN that got disabled (of course from there on further messages could not be send anymore).


What I am missing and would like to see would be a message like

"starting shutdown. Shutdown reason: %s" (like "GUI request", "shell request", "battery low", or whatever).


This time it was harmless (just annoying, the movie was thrilling and then... OFF), but there maybe more serious reasons in the future. And it does not calm me down now still not knowing what has happened at 17:04 today...



Dec 24 13:00:48 F root: mover: finished
Dec 24 13:00:48 F root: mvlogger: No After Script to Run.
Dec 24 13:00:48 F kernel: mdcmd (116): set md_write_method 1
Dec 24 13:00:48 F kernel:
Dec 24 17:04:43 F flash_backup: stop watching for file changes
Dec 24 17:04:45 F kernel: mdcmd (117): nocheck cancel
Dec 24 17:04:49 F elogind-daemon[1563]: Delay lock is active (UID 0/root, PID 9063/libvirtd) but inhibitor timeout is reached.
Dec 24 17:04:49 F elogind-daemon[1563]: System is powering down..
Dec 24 17:04:49 F  shutdown[10794]: shutting down for system halt
Dec 24 17:04:56 F root: Shutting down VM: BOSS
Dec 24 17:04:59 F unassigned.devices: Disk with ID 'ST2000LX001-1RG174_WDZBGNTH (sdb)' is not set to auto mount.
Dec 24 17:04:59 F root: Stopping libvirtd...



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