[6.11.1] vGPU for Nvidia Tesla Cards possible?


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Hi everyone,


i just ordered a Tesla M40 24GB gard to play/have fun with (not games). And while lurking and collecting informations around the net, i came across someone who did a vgpu on Proxmox with this card.




I was wondering if this was possible on Unraid too?  

As fas as i read around the forum vGPU is kind of a hot topic because mostly combined with consumer cards and activating functions which were not made for them. And since noone wants to annoy the big Nvidia or AMD this doesnt get kind of developed.


But thanks to prices falling for Tesla cards this should be kind of interesting now. These aint limited atleast by nvidia , and were made for these kind of usecases.


( yeah i know, my bought M40 aint supported by Nvidia for vGPU see here https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/gpus-supported-by-vgpu.html, but thats why iam asking for Tesla cards in general )


anyone has information about how to make this kind of work ? Since Tesla P4 is like 120 Euros and P40 only 250 Euros this is kind of intressting to set up multiple VMs with these cards to run decent graphical stuff over vnc (dont care about games).

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