Control Laptop's Mux / Optimus switch from Unraid GUI ?


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Hello !


Since I couldn't find any references about Mux switches (also known as Optimus), I wanted to do a quick feature request while knowing it will probably interest only 0,1% of today's Unraid users.


I use Unraid to run dockers and number of web services.

Previously I was using a cheap 8 cores Ryzen laptop but recently switched to a gaming laptop.

I opted for a laptop instead of a full size computer for concerns about size / noise / power consumption as well as resell value.


The NVIDIA dGPU is usually passed to a W11 VM, which I used to game, work and edit videos, directly on the laptop using the on-board monitor.


I would really like to be able to use intel QuickSync as well with some dockers for compressing / decoding videos.

However, in the case of gaming laptops, as far as I know, it's not possible as they have an onboard switch that turn off and on the desired GPU.

This Mux switch however seems that it can be controlled on some systems, for example with :


But I can't find a way to do the same on Unraid.

What I could see being useful, is having the possibility to either provide a manual control of the switch, or automate it's behaviour based on if a VM is using it.


Thanks for reading me and best wishes for 2023.

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