CPU running at 100%

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2 hours ago, Reddog1400 said:

Since my media is across all disks, it should be set to /mnt/user, right?



It might make sense to specify /mnt/cache/appdata, if all your appdata were on cache, and that is where you might get some benefit.


22 hours ago, trurl said:

Your appdata has files on the array. That is the main one that you probably should be directly mapping to cache. You need to get that all on cache for that to work across the board.



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So, back to the RAM filling up. Can anyone explain this? The python3 usage. 


56.3359 MB              ./dizquetv
57.9531 MB              /app/Tdarr_Node/Tdarr_Node
61.5586 MB              /app/Tdarr_Node/Tdarr_Node
62.5078 MB              containerd
64.418 MB               /app/Tdarr_Node/Tdarr_Node
75.1836 MB              python3
93.9531 MB              node
94.7031 MB              /usr/bin/dockerd
97.7148 MB              ./Tdarr_Node
107.613 MB              /app/Tdarr_Server/Tdarr_Server
128.797 MB              /usr/sbin/netdata
131.113 MB              stash
132.156 MB              /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Plex
143.102 MB              /app/Tdarr_Server/Tdarr_Server
154.414 MB              /usr/bin/mono-sgen
169.484 MB              /app/Tdarr_Server/Tdarr_Server
210.766 MB              /usr/bin/mono
232.871 MB              /usr/lib/prowlarr/bin/Prowlarr
241.945 MB              /app/nzbget/nzbget
248.094 MB              /app/Tdarr_Server/Tdarr_Server
255.129 MB              /usr/lib/radarr/bin/Radarr
262.156 MB              /usr/lib/readarr/bin/Readarr
290.891 MB              /usr/local/sbin/shfs
366.051 MB              /usr/bin/node
401.965 MB              /usr/lib/lidarr/bin/Lidarr
520.562 MB              /usr/bin/mono
531.918 MB              /usr/lib/radarr/bin/Radarr
832.898 MB              /usr/local/bin/unraid-api/unraid-api
1031.34 MB              ./Tdarr_Server
15740 MB                python3

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