Plex Audio transcoding in Unraid

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Is it Possible to use a sound card in a PCIE slot to do audio transcoding within the Plex container to take the work off the CPU?


I have a Threadripper 1950, P2000, GPU and 96 gig DDR4 ram. but when Unmanic or even Tdarr do their thing and start converting EAC to AAC my cpu just gets pegged out. So i was wondering if there was any alternatives. 


I've even turn my windows gaming PC into an Unmanic helper as after the scan I've got over 45,000 plus files that need to be transcoded. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated. 



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I don't know of a solution for your sound, but you can schedule your conversions for times when your not using your Machine like when your sleeping or you can pin which cores are doing the conversion to leave some breathing room for your system. 

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