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I know there are a number of ways to stream music from an unRaid server.   I primarily use Plex for this.

However, I am looking for an application that can run on unRaid, and works with a client that is Apple Car Play ready.  
IE i would like to access my home music collection via Apple CarPlay.  


Plex is not CarPlay friendly likely because no one would support a driver being able to watch movies :)  


Any advise or direction to investigate is apprecaited.

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13 hours ago, bcabalka said:

Plex does work on Android Auto, and it limits to music libraries, disallowing video from playing due to the reason you had mentioned above.


I'm not sure about CarPlay, but Android does allow music to be played.

Plex doesnt show up on carplay.  I'd be fine if it was music only.

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On 1/13/2023 at 5:09 AM, Michael_P said:

Subsonic / Airsonic is my vote


I've downloaded both of these, have the server running, but can't figure out how to conifgure the server for remote access.. or provide the server address/name for Subsonic.

Any hints?

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