rootfs file high utilization

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This script may take a few minutes to run, especially if you are manually mounting a remote share outside of /mnt/disks or /mnt/remotes

/usr/bin/du --exclude=/mnt/user --exclude=/mnt/user0 --exclude=/mnt/disks --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/var/lib/docker --exclude=/boot --exclude=/mnt -h -d2 / 2>/dev/null | grep -v 0$' '
4.0K /tmp/ca_notices
5.0G /tmp/Transcode
4.0K /tmp/user.scripts
12M /tmp/fix.common.problems
2.4M /tmp/pkg
16K /tmp/unassigned.devices
18M /tmp/community.applications
164K /tmp/notifications
572K /tmp/plugins
4.0K /tmp/emhttp
5.0G /tmp
972K /usr/man
20K /usr/info
240K /usr/include
820K /usr/doc
30M /usr/libexec
5.0M /usr/src
77M /usr/share
45M /usr/sbin
136M /usr/local
205M /usr/lib64
728K /usr/lib
373M /usr/bin
873M /usr
23M /sbin
52K /run/libvirt
996K /run/docker
4.0K /run/avahi-daemon
4.0K /run/elogind
4.0K /run/dbus
260K /run/udev
8.0K /run/blkid
1.4M /run
4.0K /lib64/xfsprogs
12K /lib64/pkgconfig
1.5M /lib64/elogind
4.0K /lib64/e2fsprogs
1.5M /lib64/security
30M /lib64
21M /lib/modules
4.0K /lib/systemd
88K /lib/modprobe.d
32K /lib/dhcpcd
8.1M /lib/udev
196M /lib/firmware
225M /lib
4.0K /etc/docker
4.0K /etc/rsyslog.d
4.0K /etc/netatalk
284K /etc/libvirt
332K /etc/libvirt-
4.0K /etc/pkcs11
144K /etc/lvm
8.0K /etc/libnl
8.0K /etc/ssmtp
20K /etc/samba
40K /etc/php-fpm.d
16K /etc/php-fpm
8.0K /etc/php
36K /etc/nginx
2.4M /etc/file
24K /etc/avahi
48K /etc/apcupsd
12K /etc/sysstat
48K /etc/security
252K /etc/ssl
568K /etc/ssh
48K /etc/mcelog
88K /etc/mc
48K /etc/logrotate.d
4.0K /etc/sensors.d
36K /etc/iproute2
9.1M /etc/udev
20K /etc/modprobe.d
104K /etc/pam.d
4.0K /etc/elogind
4.0K /etc/cron.monthly
8.0K /etc/cron.hourly
8.0K /etc/cron.daily
4.0K /etc/cron.d
4.0K /etc/cron.weekly
8.0K /etc/dbus-1
4.0K /etc/sasl2
72K /etc/default
344K /etc/rc.d
8.0K /etc/acpi
68K /etc/profile.d
15M /etc
12M /bin
776K /var/local
4.0K /var/kerberos
12K /var/state
2.0M /var/cache
16K /var/named
36K /var/tmp
8.0K /var/spool
4.0K /var/lock
6.9M /var/log
2.8M /var/lib
13M /var
16K /root
6.2G /
0 /mnt/rootshare
0 /mnt
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Another option if feasible, upgrade the client's so transcoding isn't needed and they can direct play your media.


But certainly check when playback is finished to make sure the transcode directory is cleaned up by whatever server app your running (plex/emby/jellyfin etc)

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