Disk1 is dead. (3disk array). Flash drive is dead. I have no config backup. ¿Whats next?


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Hello everyone,

I come to you for help, I am afraid of losing all my data. I am a complete newbie, I bought two 12TB hard drives in addition to a 4TB drive. I had an array of 3 hard drives (12TB+12TB+4TB) + two 240GB SSDs as cache (250GB+240GB), but after five days of use, Disk 1 died (12TB). It was weird because the hard drive started making weird noises. UNRAID encountered disk errors. In the "MAIN" tab, disk1 was listed as "Emulated disk". Hours later the hard drive no longer turned on, but my files were still accessible thanks to the Parity Disk.


I shut down the server and tried to test the hard drive on my windows machine, but it was still dead. When I turned the server back on, I found problems with the flash drive. In short, the flash drive died and I did not have a backup. There was no way to get the "config" folder from the flash drive. When I connected the flash drive to my Windows machine, it appeared as unreadable. I used CHKDSK, it worked, but now the files have strange characters and they can't be opened. (Screenshot1)


I changed the flash drive and replaced the key without problems, but I don't know how to recover my data. I read that I would have to assign the hard drives in the same way as before. I did it. (there are only three HDD and I have the serial numbers)


Parity = 12TB

Disk1 = unassigned (It is dead)

Disk2 = 4TB


I selected "parity is already valid" checkbox and Start the array. Apparently it worked, UNRAID says "parity is valid". In the "Docker" tab both KRUSADER and PLEX are installed (I had them before). I used Krusader to browse the different folders, but the "disk1" folder doesn't exist. (where I had my files). When I saw that the disk1 folder didn't exist, I stopped the array.


How can I recover my files? I guess I have to tell UNRAID that Disk1 is disabled or something like that.

In the meantime, I started a warranty claim for the dead hard drive, but looks like it's going to take a while. The main use of the server was to run PMS, but I would like to recover some important files just in case I lose everything.


My native language is not English, so I hope that what I wrote can be understood.
I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.



Screenshot 2.png

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17 minutes ago, Fenixsu said:

flash drive died and I did not have a backup

You must always have a current backup of flash.


17 minutes ago, Fenixsu said:

tell UNRAID that Disk1 is disabled

It must have something in the disk1 slot before New Config/Trust Parity will get you to a place where you can disable disk1 and rebuild it to a new disk.


Do you have any other disk you can assign as disk1? If not you will have to wait on a new disk. Might as well wait on the new disk anyway. Better if you could just buy a new disk instead of waiting.


Shut down until you are ready to work on this. 


Don't do anything without further advice.


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51 minutes ago, Frank1940 said:

The replacement disk could be the same size or larger. but not smaller.  (One more requirement, It can not be larger that the Parity Drive.)

The only requirement in this case is that it not be larger than parity. We are going to New Config/Trust parity anyway.


It is not going to be a replacement disk, it is just going to be a placeholder disk1 so New Config/Trust parity will have a disk1 we can disable and access its contents if necessary.



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1 hour ago, Fenixsu said:

Yes, I have other hard drives, but not with the same storage capacity. It could work?

You will still need a disk to rebuild to. The only thing we can do with a smaller disk is disable it to see if emulated disk1 is mountable and possibly copy any data from the emulated disk.


Do you have backups of anything important and irreplaceable? Parity is not a substitute for backups.

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I have backup of maybe 40% of the files. They were mostly movies, but there were a couple of movies that were hard to find and would be a pain to lose.
I'm going to wait until I have a new 12TB hard drive. That would make things easier, right?

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