New test UNRAID server, a Dell R420 with some SSD and Fan problems


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I just setup my second unraid server to test  some things out but this setup is different since I am using an old Dell R420 I had laying around instead of building the server myself.


I have a couple of issues I can see (and maybe some I don’t) that I was wondering if anyone had some experience with.


1. The first one is the Hard drives are not coming though correctly. For this server it has a H310 mini that I flashed to LSI IT firmware using this guild (

This flash allowed me to see the four 2.5” WD Blue 1TB spinner drives but I still don’t see the 4 WD Gold SSDs I have plugged in. Also, On the front panel of the R420 I can see the lights only for the WD Gold SSDs lit up, but the LED lights are not on for the WD Blue spinner drives for some reason. When I go into the iDRAC7, it shows there are no physical disks in the system. I think this is because of flashing the H310 to LSI mode but not sure….







I am not sure why the 4 WD Gold SSDs are not getting passed through, but some ideas would be great!




2. The second problem is the fan speeds. My other UNRAID server seems to take care of the fan speeds automatically but the R420 just seems to set the fans to max and won’t spin them down to a normal level. I eventually had to SSH into the iDRAC and run this command to get the fans to spin down:


racadm set system.thermalsettings.ThirdPartyPCIFanResponse 1


This made it more tolerable to be around but doesn’t seem like a permanent fix since the fans are now set to the below setting.




Other things of note, I installed a bunch of plugins to try and get started but couldn’t get anything configured that seemed to work for the fans or the SSDs.


I have also attached the diagnostics, please let me know if you need other information.

Any help would be great! Thanks

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