unRaid Clean Re-Install

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Forgive me if this has been posted before. I received the following message -

Unable to purchase key for this GUID

GUID, , may already have a key or it has been blacklisted


Is there something I can do to activate my unRaid Server with my current key?


Very Appreciative,


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Why do you think you want a clean install anyway? Unraid is already a "clean install" at each boot.


The OS is unpacked fresh from archives on flash, into RAM, at each boot, and it runs completely in RAM. Think of it as firmware. These OS archives on flash are never changed by anything you do with your server, except they are replaced when a new release is installed.


All of your configuration (settings from the webUI including disk assignments) are stored in the config folder of flash so they can be reapplied at boot.

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I messed up my cache pools and Fix Problems kept reporting the data is in the other pool, change it back or move files with Dynamix.  Since I only had the server up and running for less than week with no data as I learn to use it as my NAS and maybe Plex Server later.  I figured I'd simply start over.


My configuration:

ASUS 97m-E w/i7-4770 with 32 GB non-ECC and 16TB of storage with two SSDs one being an nvme.

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